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414 Strickland Avenue
South Hobart, TAS, 7004

0403 249 737

Infinity scarves arm-knitted in Hobart, Tasmania.

Made from a range of yarns from acrylic and recycled cotton, to blends of wool, silk, possum and alpaca, plus premium Tasmanian super-fine merino.


The love Lil shop stock is always changing.
There are some items that are limited in numbers.
Occasionally yarn becomes discontinued, in this instance we will do our best to find a replacement yarn that is just right for you.

Tasmanian Merino - Slim Double Loop


Tasmanian Merino - Slim Double Loop


100% Ethically-grown superfine Merino boucle.
Grown, spun, dyed and arm-knitted in Tasmania. 
Super soft, incredibly warm, feather light.

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