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414 Strickland Avenue
South Hobart, TAS, 7004

0403 249 737

Infinity scarves arm-knitted in Hobart, Tasmania.

Made from a range of yarns from acrylic and recycled cotton, to blends of wool, silk, possum and alpaca, plus premium Tasmanian super-fine merino.


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Scarves. Arm-knitted infinity scarves. Hand Made in Tasmania. Yarn. Merino. Wool. Wool blend. Alpaca. Possum. Silk. Cotton. Acrylic. Linen. Make Your Own Scarf.

Love Winter

Designed for comfort, warmth and for the therapeutic benefits of protecting your neck from the cold.

Wear as a single loop, or put in a twist (infinity symbol) and double it back over your head. 

Hand-crafted by Lilly Harris, who started knitting as a child and returned to it when pregnant. Now it seems she can't stop!

A yarn for every body.

Everything from premium 100% super-fine Merino boucle — locally grown, spun and dyed in Tasmania, through to economical acrylic and recycled cotton. Some of our favourites are the easy-care merino, alpaca, silk, acrylic and Tasmanian possum blends.

Range of lengths and widths

Single, double and triple loops in varying widths and thicknesses are available. Lilly can even make you a blanket!

Not the right colour or size?

If you aren't able to find exactly what you're after, contact us directly to make your own order.

Made with a Lil' love

All 'love Lil' scarves are arm-knitted with great passion and care, sitting by the fire on the slopes of Hobart's Mt Wellington.

Got yarn?

Send us your yarn and your personalised scarf idea and Lilly will get back to you within a week.