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414 Strickland Avenue
South Hobart, TAS, 7004

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Infinity scarves arm-knitted in Hobart, Tasmania.

Made from a range of yarns from acrylic and recycled cotton, to blends of wool, silk, possum and alpaca, plus premium Tasmanian super-fine merino.


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Lilly Harris

I first learned how to knit left handed from my left handed grandmother when a was a girl. I picked knitting up again when I was pregnant with my son in 2009.
I have always worn scarves, and discovered in my early years of Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine training about the benefits of wearing a kidney scarf to protect the lower back from the cold and to keep my immune system strong through winter. My teachers also introduced me to the chinese concept of the 'Wind gate'. Ancient oriental philosophy talks about the 'wind gate' at the back of the neck being the place where external pathogens can enter the body. It is taught that we should wear scarves to protect this vulnerable entry point of the body.
I have learnt to weave on an 8 shaft floor loom in that time and have discovered how much I love knitting and weaving scarves.
This year I decided to learn to arm knit. I found after the first few arm knitted infinity loops (a scarf joined at the ends), I couldn't stop.
Now I am truly obsessed and highly productive!

Thus love Lil was born.